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Most commonly used to treat strong odors related to animals. If your rug has an odor   from pet urine, waste, or body oils, we strongly recommend our enzyme treatment. The rug is immersed into a tub filled with our enzyme solution and left to soak allowing the treatment to break down the waste and odor. After soaking for the appropriate amount of time, the rug is then given a complete wash.


Fiber Protectant can be applied to virtually any surface, offering resistance to staining and saturation. This will help prevent stains from settling into rug fibers easier and may help with removing stains in future cleanings.


Moths are a wool rugs worst nightmare. They feast off the keratin in the wool of your rug, and once they start, they will not stop until your rug is completely ruined. If a moth infested rug is brought to our plant, we first contain the rug to prevent the moths from spreading. Moth infested rugs go directly into wash to remove moths, larva and their eggs. Your rug is then dried at over 130 degrees to further kill anything that may remain in your rug. Finally, your rug is dusted and given a second complete wash to further remove the potential for re-infestation.


We wrap all rugs in high quality Tyvek paper. It does not tear easily like standard brown Kraft paper and is moisture resistant yet still allows the rug to breathe unlike plastic. Wrapping in plastic can lead to musty odors and even mildew.

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